28Boutique recently on the runway

28Boutique recently on the runway

Sep 30th 2021

September has been a great month for 28Boutique. 

The middle of this month we were apart of a HUGE event and fundraiser done by Dress For Success Indianapolis!

What a honor to be apart of this event! 4 years ago I volunteered to be apart of the stylist team behind the stage and from there I was able to see that being a stylist is something that I enjoy doing! Four years later my opportunity came to showcase my business down the runway. What a amazing opportunity to work with the behind the scenes team and the models that were partnered for with me. 

I wrote this on Instagram :

I contemplated posting it because I'm teased really bad because I show emotion. I cant help my tears (apparently I'm supposed to be tough all the time )... this moment was like wow to me...
I had no thoughts in my mind but all over me was gratitude. Not just cause of the show but because I get the opportunity to provide ladies with a piece of fabric that changes their mood... changes the day.. or helps change their life...
I learned a whole lot last night.
I also went through some real BS behind being in this show... 

The crowd not knowing what went on behind the stage but you hear hand claps and see purchases being made.

On to the next thing.. whatever that is.. I had to be here to see it.
Im so grateful to be me...and be in the places I go... and see the things I see...
I go through alot of BS as any entrepreneur does but these moments its like wow I fought hard now look.