A Lengthy Read but it will bless you.

A Lengthy Read but it will bless you.

Jan 1st 2022

December 24, 2020 I was at my job and I said "Okay God if you just let me work 6 more months of this job I'll quit and run 28Boutique full time"

New Years Eve, 2020 I was on the beach and I asked God again " God can you just give me until June 1st 2021 to finalize me a home and then I can work 28Boutique full time?"


January 4, 2021 My boss comes and says I got some bad news... they are doing away with this entire position the only way to stay on with the company is working 2:45am to 1:00pm...


Me: I started laughing

My boss: What's so funny?

My coworker: Angel nothing is funny about us losing our jobs.
Me: Yall God is funny..

Me: (speaking to my boss) Let me reintroduce myself as Angel Hicks or #Ms28Boutique ...

January 23rd was my last day as a employee of a big corporation


January 24th I brought a plane ticket

February 1st I went to the beach and I prayed and said I got a notebook you made this possible so tell me what to do...

I wrote some goals that day at the beach.

Every single one that I wrote was done by March 1st.

I wrote a number on the wall and I hit that in 3 months.
I wrote another number on the wall and I hit that too
This last number I wrote I didn't hit it but I will tell you this 2021 was a year this was only God and God showed me that God can do when you TRUST God and Follow the path that you were put on.

That in itself can be hard to trust something you "can't see" or

"can't pull up and touch"

This is my assignment so I spent more money on training.

... so much so that I attracted the attention of a Regional Manager of a high profile store she stepped in and started mentoring me. #whatablessing

Next I increased my social media presence in hiring help

Next I had to make sure that my inventory issues I've had over the years we didn't have that problem

I successfully completed over 200 shipments this year and went from carrying 10 styles to 58 different styles and that inventory turning every 10-12 days.
From 3 models to 7 full time models and so many special guest.... and several more I want to work with in 2022!!!
Having a solid photographer made a big difference in my 2021 I get more compliments on my photos !!!! Thanks KO!
I successfully mentored three AMAZING business people of that one successfully doubled the profits from last year the other two successfully made huge moves in their industries and continue to climb their own ladders of success.


I did more speaking engagements with students than ever before. I pray I'm able to do this more but now its time to be compensated for all the knowledge I give.


I serviced more women in difficult situations and I was able to provide everything from hot meals, to clothes, to connections to jobs and more.
I styled/dressed more women than 2019 and 2020 combined.

and so much more!

My sincerest gratitude to each woman that shopped, referred, donated to a another woman in need, or did any kind of coverage of my business this year!


2021... was all about faith and obedience for me... in my TENTH year of owning this business faith and obedience comes up more and more

2022...I'm SO excited about some of the plans I have for 28Boutique
more opportunities to connect with women in the world..

more opportunities to help heal my community.

My love and gratitude to you all
Wishing you all a very prosperous, healthy, and peaceful 2022