Moving Forward a Notice from Ms28Boutique

Moving Forward a Notice from Ms28Boutique

Aug 18th 2021

Its been a while.. its been some crazy changes to the business for the GOOD well... eventually for the good.

So we are renovating 28Boutique so for now I've fully moved the business online until the renovation is done. 

This was so unexpected so for those that read this bare with me as I'm two places at one time. 

The cool things that have been going on... 

I went to a tradeshow to order pieces for our next season FALL! I love love love Fall so stay tune for my annual #FallintoFashion Show and Celebration of 10 years in business.

While I was in Las Vegas for the tradeshow I went to see USHER! OMG if you haven't seen him in concert with his toxic self please go... its a GREAT show!!! ( Yes I called Usher toxic on my blog lol! I love him though)

We've added new accessories to the sight! Most of them are handmade and made by a woman as well. I'm very passionate about patronizing a woman in business. My goal is to work with more women designers in the world so I've been doing some research on different designers I'm pretty excited about that

Anyway Fall Trends I saw at the show 

Alot of bohemian styles

Alot of Animal Print ESPECIALLY COW print

Alot of Golds! Alot of deep plunge pieces and crop tops which I hate! 

I love Layers! So this will be nice line up coming up for 28Boutique I can't wait to reveal the upgrades I've done to 28Boutique. 

Stay tune our transitional pieces are arriving weekly.