MS28BOUTIQUE on Aug 18th 2021

Our most recent shoot was everything that I needed it to be! 

It gave me such good vibes. I wanted this shoot to be fun, flirty, sexy, classy, cute, and just overall HAPPY

At one point in my shoot my bomb photographer Kaylon Outlaw (@takenby_ko) stops and records us cause he said we was "fine fine" and you can see the beauty and the bomb pieces.

I even popped up in the shoot! I thought I was going to be one model down so I prepared myself to be ready to shoot. It was a success! 

I have (like alot of women) gained some weight in COVID19 shutdown and I struggle with getting the weight. Its more of a mental thing for me with my weight. I love to EAT!! So getting up in front of the camera and feeling confident even in my weight gain made me so happy! 

The thought behind these pieces were to try to transition my customers to a different season with solids. 

What the easiest color to match something with? 

BLACK! so the black scene was thinking about what's easy and always needed? Black is so clean, crisp, and sexy so these pieces were all paired together with that in mind. 

WE love orange and I love orange all seasons. That said the orange scene was thinking still being bright and beautiful even into the fall ... 

My models are so bomb the exemplify beauty in all shapes and sizes. 

the fun part about my models is I'm able to help bring them out their comfort zones and show their beauty at the same time.

Stay Tune for our new release get ready for #FALLINTOFASHION