There's no I in TEAM

There's no I in TEAM

Aug 5th 2021

I want to take a moment to THANK the woman behind pushing 28Boutique outside of Indiana.

Lawrne Owens as we call her Lo the MF Don

Lawrne is my content creator/social media marketing cooridinator

She's also my headache (lol)

When I asked Lo a while ago to come on board to do this for 28Boutique was like ok...... but she still wouldn't push it like I KNEW she could until one day LO finally arrived and she walked in the shoes I knew she could fit...

I've prayed for this for 10 years to have someone I could trust to manage the social media portion of my business still in my vision but could run with it. LO was my person I met and started to pray for...  I knew I needed her but I needed her to realize her gift.. when she did .. LO has been doing her thing! Baby she's the REAL DEAL!!!!

Lo I BELIEVE IN YOU! and this is nothing compared to what you are getting ready to do on a larger scale

Thank YOU for all you bring to 28Boutique